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Monday, 11 April 2011

Short Love Poems

Love! One of the most meaningful expression existing between two souls is an occasion to celebrate everyday. Love needs no reason, it does exists. The lover never gets tired of speaking in the praise of his or her beloved. Your heart speaks out as beautiful love poems, which later become a unforgettable memory to cherish for the lovers.

Short love poems reveal your heart. You may not at times, fully express yourself and your emotions, but a short love poem can easily do the task. It has been a tradition for years to write short love poems for the lovers by another lover. You will find the description of short love poems in famous world literature of all time. At all times and ages, short love poems have constantly ignited the hearts of lovers worldwide.

Many great poets, writers, philosophers, and thinkers have written many short love poems dedicating to numerous lovers. Just read this short love poem "My Perfect Refuge" by Joanna Fuchs that speaks out something like;

My Perfect Refuge

"When life is cold,

I wrap myself in your warmth,

nestled in your love,

my perfect refuge."

These perfect four lines perfectly express the way a lover surrenders before his or her love. It does not require a special occasion to send or read out short love poems to your lover. Love itself is a celebration, a celebration of life. Life becomes much easier with love and a sweet lover.

Short love poems are perfect medium to express your love. Just write your lover staying in a distant land or just read it out before him or her. Another sweet short love poem titled "Run Away" by Silentx Thoughtz that goes like this;

Run Away

"Run away with me

For you are my one true love.

Let's go where we can be together

And stay that way forever."

The Internet is a vast repository of numerous long and short love poems. You will get hundreds of thousands of love poems just a click away revealing the various mental and physical state of your love life. Just read out a short love poem to your lover and your will feel the warmth in your relationship.

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